Proto Maxxed Rize Black/Lime

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  • Proto Maxxed Rize Black/Lime

Proto Maxxed Rize Black/Lime

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De Dye Proto Maxxed Rize is een nog betere versie van de Proto Rize. De marker is wellicht iets duurder, maar daarvoor krijgt u een aantal extra features die het gebruik van de Rizer nog plezieriger maken. Zo heeft de marker een two piece barrel, een on/off asa, clamping feedneck en natuurlijk alle andere geweldige features van de Proto Rize. Maak die extra stap en merk het verschil tijdens het spel, de Dye Proto Maxxed Rize stelt niet teleur.

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€ 349,95


Emerging from a long line of successful Proto Paintball markers the Proto Maxxed Rize is packed with updated features normally found on high-end markers. Created to perform but built with your budget in mind this high-powered, entry-level marker provides you with tournament level firepower for a fraction of the cost. The Maxxed Rize has an anti-chop break beam eye system synchronized by its LED circuit board with 4 tournament firing modes and adjustable rate of fire.

The new Fuzion bolt kit, operates at a low 140psi, 15 lower than its predecessor, giving you smooth quiet operation, and improved air efficiency. The proven Hyper 3 regulator has been simplified for easier assembly and maintenance. The re-designed solenoid offers improved hose barbs and valve operation providing the Maxxed Rize with better air flow, 25 lower dwell, and more reliable function. Standard Macro line offers reliability and easy service.

The Maxxed Rize also includes a True Bore Proto two-piece 14” barrel, giving the Maxxed Rize the accuracy of a high-end marker. DYE’s all-aluminum cam lever Lockdown feed neck keeps your loader locked in place during aggressive moves. The Maxxed Rize benefits from the DYE on/off UL airport as well.  Comfort and style are not sacrificed for performance with the Maxxed Rize The UL 45 frame, dual density sticky grips, no slip regulator sleeve, adjustable aluminum trigger, and a low profile balanced design lets you naturally control and aim the Maxxed Rize all day in comfort. Contrasting, color anodizing gives you the style you desire. With Anti-Chop eyes, screw together bolt design, DYE’s self-cleaning M2 eye pipe, and color-coded o-rings, cleaning and maintenance is quick and simple.  Truly, the Proto Maxxed Rize was created and designed for top-level performance at a reasonable price.

Marker comes with zipper case, pars kit, DYE slick lube, barrel sock, tools, and 9-volt battery.


  • Precision True Bore Proto 2pc 14” Barrel
  • Dye On/Off Ul Airport
  • Dye Lockdown, All Metal, Cam Lever, Feed Neck
  • Anti-Chop Break Beam Eye System
  • Self-Cleaning Dye M2 Series Eye Pipe With Integrated Ball Detents
  • Patented Fusion Bolt Spool Valve Technology
  • Increased Flow Hyper 3 Inline Regulator
  • Dye Ul Aluminum Trigger
  • Ergonomic Ul Composite 45 Frame
  • Dual Density Injection Sticky Grip
  • Continuous 3-D Contoured Body Design
  • Quick Release Macro Line Hose
  • New And Improved Solenoid Offers Durable, Long Lasting Reliability
  • Low 140 PSI Operating Pressure Gives Smooth, Accurate Performance
  • Led Circuit Board With 4 Tournament Firing Modes, And Adjustable Rate Of Fire


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Kleur Black/Lime
Artikelnummer pid7154
Merk Dye Paintball

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