HK Army TFX Loader Black/Gold

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  • HK Army TFX Loader Black/Gold
  • HK Army TFX Loader Black/Gold
  • HK Army TFX Loader Black/Gold

HK Army TFX Loader Black/Gold

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HK Army verrast de paintball wereld met een geheel nieuw en uniek hopper systeem, de HK Army TFX Loader. Deze stijlvol ontworpen hopper verlegd de grenzen en brengt nog nooit eerder vertoonde features in het spel. Zo werkt de hopper op slechts 2 AA batterijen, is hij volledig uit elkaar te halen zonder gereedschap en heeft hij een ontzettend laag profiel. Desondanks passen er standaard maar liefst 216 ballen in de hopper door de zero gravity life tray binnenin de loader. Verder zal de TFX niet jammen door de gepatenteerde swoop stack assembly die zorgt voor constante stroom van ballen, of het nou field paint, toernooi paint of reballs zijn. Ten slotte wordt de HK Army TFX Loader en al zijn features prachtig verpakt in de EXO Case die bij elke hopper geleverd wordt.


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After years of research and development and consulting with paintball’s top athletes, HK Army is proud to present you with the best loader experience paintball has to offer; The TFX. Utilizing a unique patented drive system that boasts a consistent feed rate and anti-jam capabilities as well as incorporating innovative features, the TFX performs better and is more reliable than any other loader on the market.

With the perfect synergy of function and style, the TFX can accommodate 216 Rounds with the stock shell. The Zero Gravity Lift Tray is an industry first; the integrated tray increases the volume capacity without compromising the size of the loader shell. The spring activated lift is designed to elevate and guide paintballs toward the feed system, never leaving a ball behind.

When paintballs are in the feed tray, the patented Swoop Stack assembly takes over. The system is designed to activate as each ball is shot and to continuously drive paintballs forward into the marker. The 3 layer slip system enables the paddles to effectively agitate and loosen any possible jam to continue feeding. The Swoop Stack operates flawlessly with all types of paint; oily, dimpled, brittle, and even works perfect with Reball and other reusable paintballs.

The highly advanced technology is not to be mistaken as complicated. The TFX is completely toolless; the shell, tray, and Swoop Stack assembly can be disassembled with ease for quick cleaning and easy access to change the 2 AA batteries needed to operate the TFX.

Completing the package is the extremely sleek and low profile Combat Contour shell that is constructed of high grade impact resistant material, which will withstand any abuse during play. The shell incorporates a push button QuickLid feature which makes changing from stock lid to HK Army Speed Feed effortless. The electronics are protected with a water resistant coating to keep you active in snow, rain or shine.

When you’re off the field, keep your TFX safe with the included EXO Eva case. The EXO case is a hard shell case that will protect your TFX and can easily be stored in your gearbag while traveling. Included in the EXO case is a convenient utility pocket where you can store a spare lid and extra batteries.

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Kleur Black/Gold
Artikelnummer pid6466
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