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MacDev Drone 2S Lime

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De Drone 2S van Macdev is de volgende stap in de evolutie van mid-range paintball markers. Deze zeer betaalbare paintball marker is voorzien van ongelofelijk veel high-end features en presteert ontzettend goed op zowel het woods als het supair veld. Zo heeft de Drone 2S een gas through air design, RED Drive Shell met gold Bolt, clamping feedneck, on/off ASA, purging regulator, comfortabele grips, een zeer prettige trigger en is de marker voorzien van een Shift 2 barrel system. Met de Macdev Drone 2S haalt u een marker met een boven gemiddelde prestatie in huis voor een prijs ver onder het gemiddelde.  

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The Drone 2 is widely recognized as the best-in-class mid range paintball gun. In fact, many features standard on the Drone 2 are missing in guns three times the price, such as a completely hoseless design, internal high pressure regulator in the grip frame, and comfortable rubber ergonomics on the barrel and foregrip. Not only is the Drone 2 extremely lightweight, thanks to a CNC machined Delrin drive system, but it is extremely reliable and robust as well, capable of enduring abuse in the harshest environments and conditions with little to no maintenance.

Accuracy is where MacDev guns shine and the Drone 2 is no different. The low-pressure drive provides for a smooth and accurate shot when combined with the 14in 2-piece Shift2-lite Barrel and the incredibly consistent internal MacDev high pressure regulator found in guns 3 times the price.

The Drone 2 firing system is drastically simplified, reducing maintenance and enhancing reliability with a self-lubricating Delrin drive. Moreover, working on the Drone 2 is easier than ever, thanks to a wireless body and frame, and an industry-first completely serviceable solenoid.

Soft on Paint
At 100psi, the Drone 2 fires a paintball with 30-50 less force than even most other high-end guns. This low pressure operation, when combined with the Drone 2’s adjustable anti-chop laser eyes makes the gun incredibly soft on paint, meaning you’ll spend a lot less time squeegeeing your barrel and more time shooting out the competition.

Weighing in at under 2lbs, the Drone 2 is both comfortable and balanced. The rubber barrel grip and rubber foregrip not only make the Drone 2 more comfortable to play with, but when combined with the low pressure, smooth shooting drive you’ll be more accurate as well. The Drone 2 also features an easy 2-point adjustable trigger so you can customize the trigger exactly to your liking.

Thanks in part to the light weight, low pressure drive system, combined with the fact that the Drone2 only requires 100psi to fire a paintball, the Drone 2’s is very efficient. Expect to shoot up to 9 pods on a 68ci 4500psi fill.

Thanks to a new partnership between MacDev and Virtue, the Drone 2 is now backed by Virtue, a company known for its legendary customer service and support.


MacDev is renowned for an obsession with quality. The Drone 2 is packed with features found on the high-end Cyborg and Clone, such as the industry’s only machined-in-house solenoid, as well as featuring the same internal high pressure regulator in the grip frame.
The Drone 2 is more than capable of competing at the highest levels out of the box, but let’s face it, upgrading your gun is not only fun but adds a touch of refinement. The Drone is designed to accept the Clone 5/Cyborg 6 OLED board, upgradeable Shift2 Barrel Back, drop-in trigger upgrades, Easy Upgrade Bolt, even an upgradeable Tactical Body

Key Features

  • Low Pressure, 100psi Operation
  • Hoseless
  • Two-Piece Shift2-lite Barrel
  • Rubber Barrel Grip
  • Rubber Regulator Grip
  • Wireless Body and Frame
  • 2-point Adjustable Trigger
  • Balanced CNC Machined Anodized Aluminum Body and Frame
  • Reliable and Simple CNC Machined Delrin Drive
  • Aluminum Bolt and Valve
  • Unstripable Clamping Feedneck
  • Fully Adjustable Trigger Programming
  • Future Upgradeable – Drop-in OLED Board, Upgradeable Barrel Back, Drop-In Trigger, Upgradeable Drive, Tactical Body Sleeve.



  • Drone 2 Product Manual PDF
  • Drone 2 Parts Diagram PDF
  • LOW PRESSURE100psi Operation
  • WEIGHT 1.9lbs
  • BARREL 2-piece, A/C thread, 14″ long
  • WARRANTY 1-year
  • INCLUDES Padded Case, Drone 2, Two Piece Shift2-lite Barrel, Barrel Cover, Militia Lube, Spare Parts, Allen-key set, Virtue/MacDev wristband, Manual  

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